Through natural and safe treatment modalities, our philosophy is to first do no harm. The physician’s role is to facilitate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by discovering, treating and removing the cause. Further, through educating, empowering and motivating patients to take responsibility for their own health, the physician is permitted to treat the whole person. Lastly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Thus, Naturopathic Physicians are preventative medical specialists.


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Based on the desire to integrate natural, alternative and conventional therapies, the Indigo Integrative Health Clinic (IIHC) was founded in February 2011 at the Waterfront Center in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. IIHC specializes in balancing the immune system, which is integral to all matters pertaining to health and disease. Treatments are targeted to address both the root cause of the disease and the immune dysfunction that allows the disease to persist. Correcting this dysfunction and immune deficiency is vital to successful treatment therapies. A well-balanced and fully functioning immune system is paramount in keeping diseases at bay.

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