Many times we struggle to feel our best due to our immune systems being activated. While this may be beneficial when we are working on exposure from a pathogen, it becomes harmful when our immune systems won’t settle down. The Balance Peptide Protocol is designed to help even out one’s immune system, specifically for these types of arenas. Whether you have brain fog, irritable bowel, rashes on your skin, unrelenting headaches, chronic fatigue or overall just are not able to do what you want to do, the Balance Peptide Protocol is always a good first step.

Directions: Inject subcutaneously into the abdomen or buttocks in the evening. Use Monday to Friday and have weekends off.

One month supply of peptides. 20 syringes included.


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  • Pentadecapeptide BPC 157, composed of 15 amino acids, is a partial sequence of body protection compound (BPC) that is discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. Experimentally it has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of many different wounds, including tendon-to-bone healing and superior healing of damaged ligaments.
  • Additionally, BPC 157 has shown to protect organs and aids in the prevention of gastric ulcers. BPC-157 acts systemically in the digestive tract to combat leaky gut, IBS, gastrointestinal cramps, and Crohn’s disease.
  • This peptide has been known to exhibit analgesic characteristics as well. Those who suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears and damage may benefit from treatment with this peptide. It can also help to aid skin burns at a faster rate by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues.

TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4)

  • TB-500- Thymosin is a hormone secreted from the thymus. Its primary function is to stimulate the production of T-cells, which are an important part of the immune system. Thymosin also assists in the development of B-cells to plasma cells to produce antibodies. The predominant form of Thymosin, Thymosin Beta-4, is a member of a highly conserved family of actin monomer- sequestering proteins. In addition to its role as a major actin-sequestering molecule, Thymosin Beta-4 plays a role in tissue repair.
  • TB 500 has been found to play an important role in the protection, regeneration, and remodeling of injured or damaged tissues. The gene for Tβ4 has also been found to be one of the first to be upregulated after injuries. Thymosin Beta-4 is currently being trialed as a potential therapy for HIV, AIDS, and Influenza. Thymosin Beta-4 is most often prescribed for acute injury, surgical repair, and for senior athletes. It has most recently been shown to help regrow hair in addition to PRP.

TA-1 (Thymosin Alpha-1)

  • Thymosin Alpha-1 helps the body induce host-derived immune effectors that improve various immunomodulatory properties that lead to augmentation of T-lymphocyte function, including modulation of interleukin-2 (IL-2), stimulation of interferon-g (IFN-g) production, induction of T-lymphocyte and natural killer (NK) cells and stimulation of thymopoiesis. TA1 has also been reported to up-regulate MHC Class I expression.
  • It is used to improve TA1 is pleiotropic – improves innate immunity when needed.

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