Clinical Applications

  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Helps alleviate exercise-related muscle pain
  • Concentrated blend of traditional botanicals to soothe muscle tension

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GABA is a synergistic combination of gamma- aminobutyric acid (GABA), glycine and established traditional botanicals, which serves as a quick response supplement for muscle relaxation. This unique blend of botanicals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals also work to quickly support muscular discomfort. The combination of glycine and GABA act as inhibitory neurotransmitters, which help calm muscles and reduce the activity of the excitatory nervous system that can cause muscle spasms. Together with magnesium, B6 and select botanicals, GABA serves as an excellent alternative to valerian-based products. One capsule of This product includes 250 mg GABA, 225 mg glycine, 200 mg cramp bark and 150 mg Dong quai.


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