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Helping you take responsibility for your health, comfort and overall well-being.  

Every person has an image of optimal health and well-being. It is our intention to discover this image and help guide you along your unique path of healing by first removing any obstacles to your cure.

Our initial comprehensive patient visit lasts 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time for a complete assessment of your health, history and goals. It is our commitment to empower our patients with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their goals to optimal health. During your follow-up visit we will discuss your individualized treatment options and together we will define a comprehensive wellness plan that you feel excited about incorporating into your day-to-day living.


What to expect on your first visit?

For your initial comprehensive patient visit, please allow 90 minutes for a complete assessment of your health and history. Lab tests are often performed on the first day to establish a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment. If you take supplements, please bring them or a list of the ingredients. And if you have had any relevant tests done, such as blood tests, MRIs or X-rays, arrange to bring copies of the reports with you.


What should I bring with me?

If you take supplements, please bring them or a list of the ingredients. If you have had any relevant tests done, such as blood tests, imaging such as MRIs or X-rays, arrange to bring copies of the reports with you. If you do not have copies, request your doctor’s office fax them to us at (202) 298-5512. Please note, some offices may require your written authorization. Please feel free to call us and confirm that we have received your tests a few days before your visit.



Is available either outside at the parking meters or inside our building’s garage. Indigo Integrative Health Clinic does not reimburse parking.


What if I do not live in or nearby Washington, D.C.?

We have patients travel from all over to see us and we are happy to see patients from other parts of the world. If you are visiting from afar, we can provide you with the following two options:

Out of State Care

  • Once per year travel to the nation’s capital and do an in person visit. After this annual in person visit, we can stay in contact via phone or Skype. Once we have seen you, we can act as your prescribing physicians and order lab tests, supplements and medications. To set an appointment and arrange your first Out of State Care visit, please call our office.

Skype Coaching

  • As your health coaches we are able to make recommendations regarding your diet, lifestyle, lab testings and follow-up. However, we cannot prescribe medications. Please call our office if you are interested in coordinating 30 to 60 minute blocks of time via Skype or to get more information.


What forms do I need to fill out?

Please download and complete these following forms before your initial visit and bring them with you:



Please note that the completion of the Diet Diary is vital to your healing process. You are what you eat and in order for us to address your individual health concerns it is paramount for us to evaluate your nutrition and make appropriate recommendations. Please do not judge yourself about your eating habits. This is strictly for your benefit.


Please read through What We Expect From Our Patients to get a better understanding of our office policies, which you are responsible for knowing.


Medical Records Release: You will be given a copy of all of your labs and diagnostic tests. You are responsible to keep your own health record to give to other health practitioners. It is best to start a binder and keep all of your records in it. Please take your record to any health care provider. Indigo Integrative Health Clinic will not be responsible for faxing and copying your records at a short notice and we may not be able to honor your request. A charge of $50 will apply if we have to fax more than 2 pages.

Please note company policy for requesting a copy of your lab work or diagnostic tests without discussing results with your health care practitioner, found on What We Expect From Our Patients. Please request a Lab Release Policy form in advance if your intentions are not to discuss results with practitioner.


Fees & Insurance: We are a fee-for-service office and therefore, do not accept insurance. You are responsible to pay for all charges at the time of service. Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted. Laboratory testing and treatments are an additional fee – an estimate of those charges will be shared with you prior to performing the tests.


Reimbursement: At the end of your visit, we will provided you with an itemized receipt that you may submit to your insurance company to request reimbursement. We can provide you with the information for this process or the names of companies who provide this service. Your individual insurance plan decides if any, or all of the tests or services performed at Indigo Integrative Health Clinic, are reimbursable.


 Empowering you to take your health into your own hands.

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