As the epigenetic field is in its infancy, we are just beginning to understand genetic variants and how to nutritionally support them.  As the field grows and changes, so shall we.  A combination of genetic variants, hormonal imbalances, toxins and infections, along with other stressors can lead to a cascade of immune dysfunction and illness. With the advancements in the field of epigenetics, we are able to better understand the various substances that regulate gene activity.  As we learn more and more about our genetic expression we are able to focus on the specific individual nutrients and foods to prompt healthy gene expression, by activating metabolic pathways or inactivating detrimental pathways so that you can thrive.

Saliva testing is used to acquire your genetic data. The most commonly used test is from 23andme.com. Their website states that they do Ancestry testing and no medical interpretations. Indigo Integrative Health Clinic will use the raw data from the 23andme saliva test to create a comprehensive genetic variant report, focusing on Methylation Pathways. This will guide the practitioner in creating individualized supplementation, based on your genetic variants and conditions.  23andme will not ship to Maryland, NY and a few other states. The test kit can be purchased online and shipped to the office, where you can pick it up.