Designed to be the last weight loss program you’ll ever need!

The Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program was designed to stimulate your metabolism to burn unhealthy fat while giving your body important nutrition for overall health—helping you to look and feel better.

This clinically designed program includes:

  • Targeted support for weight loss with high protein shakes and soup mixes
  • Advanced nutritional support for health with daily supplement packets, probiotic, fiber mix, and low glycemic protein bar
  • Program guide with easy-to-follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes
  • High protein, phytonutrient-dense food plan with a wide range of choices
  • Simple exercise plan
  • Online support, including FAQs and helpful lifestyle tips
  • Practitioner support and counseling sessions

This high protein, phytonutrient-dense food plan was developed to facilitate loss of unhealthy fat while maintaining healthy lean tissues like muscle.

For more information, please watch this Healthy Transformation Patient Webinar

Reading material and questionnaires to download:

Healthy Transformation FAQs
Food Plan Compliance Questionnaire
Health and Wellness Outcome Assessment Form

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