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The human body is exposed to a wide variety of toxins on a daily basis, including chemicals found in foods, environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals. The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ which provides enzyme systems that safely process and remove xenobiotics (foreign chemical substances) out of the body, as well as unhealthy hormone metabolites. These detoxification systems are very complex and require a variety of nutrients for optimal function.

There are two main pathways of detoxification in the liver, known as Phase I and Phase II. In Phase I, composed mainly of cytochrome P450 enzymes, non-reactive compounds undergo specific reactions which use oxygen to form a reactive site on the compound. Most pharmaceuticals are metabolized through Phase I biotransformation. This prepares the metabolite for the next step of detoxification known as Phase II. Phase II is a crucial step- if molecules from Phase I are not fully metabolized by Phase II conjugation, they may cause free radical damage to proteins, RNA and DNA within the cell. Phase II reactions result in the biotransformation of fat-soluble compounds into water-soluble compounds that can then be excreted in the urine, bile or stool.

The ingredients included in the Indigo Detox were chosen for their ability to support one of the six pathways of Phase II detoxification. N-acetyl cysteine, along with glycine and taurine, is a well-known amino acid that plays a role in supporting the liver. Antioxidants such as lipoic acid, green tea, ellagic acid and the vegetable antioxidant blend provide a synergistic approach to liver support and promote enhanced detoxification.


  1. Have frequent exposure to tobacco products, alcohol, caffeine, medications or industrial chemicals.
  2. Are overweight. Fat mass may be related to toxic burden and detoxification may aid in weight loss.
  3. Have hormone related imbalances like estrogen-dominant conditions.
  4. Have intestinal permeability aka “leaky gut” syndrome. Research has shown that patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) have up to a six-fold increase in gut permeability. Other digestive and chronic immune conditions such as food sensitivities, gut dysbiosis and Celiac disease also cause a compromised intestinal barrier.
  5. Are experiencing digestion or elimination issues. Almost all GI disturbances can cause maldigestion and absorption issues, which can lower nutrient status.

No one likes to detox alone. Therefore, we are in this together every step of the way.


  1. Reduce the incoming burden of toxins by eliminating all additional toxin burden from your diet and lifestyle.
  2. Support the processing and elimination of toxins by drinking purified water, eating detox-friendly foods and drinking Indigo Detox Powder.
  3. Enhance the liver detoxification pathways and support GI function by doing all of the above in addition to taking Liver Support capsules.


  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Healthier, clearer looking skin
  • Better Sleep
  • Less bloating
  • Less joint and muscle pain
  • Better memory and focus
  • Effortless digestion
  • Eliminate migraines and experience fewer headaches
  • Improved sex drive

The Indigo Detox is natural and effective support of Phase I & II liver detoxification pathways in a convenient 7-day kit. By supporting both phases of detoxification you can prevent further accumulation of destructive toxins from entering into your body. You will also see a gradual improvement in your symptoms as the stored toxins are released and eliminated through newly efficient detoxification pathways.

Like your car that needs periodic oil and filter changes, our bodies need periodic detoxification to clean out all the toxins that have accumulated in our system over the years. If you feel progressively sluggish, tired, achy and run down, perhaps it’s time for your “filter to be cleaned.”

We also tailor more advanced and individualized detox-cleanse programs. Let us help guide you to a detox program that is best for you.

Ready to start detoxing? Purchase your Indigo Detox Kit here.

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