VITA™ Sex, Love and Female Empowerment Coaching

VITA™ Sex, Love and Female Empowerment Coaching

Discover your path to having an epic relationship with yourself.

A completely unique approach to healing and awakening female empowerment – the holistic way.

The VITA™ Method (the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) is a transformational process to heal and awaken your deepest wisdom using holistic tools like breathwork, pleasure practices, trauma healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, and movement that blend modern neurobiology, coaching, blending ancient and powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism, and Sacred Sexuality.

Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, you learn to work with the primal brain and the deep subconscious, which allows you to resolve the issues that keep you from having the sex, relationships, and love that you desire and deserve.

As a desire-based coaching system, we don’t spend all of our time focusing on what’s wrong or what’s holding you back – instead, we use your vision of what you desire in your life. This propels you forward and motivates you to heal and integrate whatever keeps you from living your deepest desires.

Our human sexuality is the key to a world of magic, bliss, and freedom.

As humans, it is fundamental to feel comfortable in our own skin, in our bodies, and to feel pleasure from being alive. How you feel within affects all areas of your life and your external reality.

An underlying foundation of the VITA™ Method is the belief that sexuality is part of the whole and can be embraced as a natural and beautiful energy and expression of all humans. Because of this, we use holistic tools that take into consideration your entire sexual ecosystem, opening up a magical world that was completely unavailable before.

We also recognize that the body has an energy system, and we work with energy to systematically liberate and awaken the natural state of flow within us.

Deep yet gentle healing to shift back into safety and love.

As many individuals have also experienced trauma in their lives, the methodology incorporates and integrates trauma principles that gently work with the living system in a slow, attentive, and loving way to bring overwhelmed or traumatized pieces into a space where they can be loved, held, and experienced from a centered space of safety.

Finally, this system recognizes and supports that human beings thrive by regularly experiencing states of ecstasy, bliss, surrender, divine connection, and wild freedom.


What is VITA™ Female Empowerment Coaching?

Through Female Empowerment Coaching we focus on cultivating power as a resource to develop an internal sense of safety. We ditch for good chronic mental dis-empowerment and use effective tools to find empowerment in sex and power so that you can manifest the life of your wildest dreams because you truly are worth it and you in fact do deserve it.


What is VITA™ Life Transitions Coaching?

The seasonal cycle and the female life cycle go hand in hand. Understanding these cycles allows a woman to gain a deep inner sense of who she really is and where she is in her life so she can work with the cycles instead of resisting them. Learn what it looks like to transition healthily through each stage of life and flow with life.


What is VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching?

The core values of VITA™ Coaching are based on the belief that sexuality is sacred, beautiful, powerful, and natural; pure love is the primary force that sustains us, and meaningful relationships are necessary for a joyful life.

We work from a basic understanding that all of us are sensual beings with a tremendous capacity for love and connection.

We celebrate our sensual nature and live authentically by choosing love over fear while embracing both with compassion.

The transformation occurs not from trying to be something different than we are, but by gently integrating the blockages, fears, and contractions around our sexuality, hearts, and relationships to reveal the wholeness and health that is our birthright.

Everyone desires more potent, lasting love. Everyone desires relationships based on trust and real intimacy. But hardly anyone knows the effective and practical tools to get there.




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