Cleanse your body. Shift your vibration. Transform your life.

Neutralize microbes, metals and toxins using a Tesla-based PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field) delivery system and a powerful app, BetterGuide.

Whether you’re seeking support to overcome an autoimmune condition, striving for longevity, focused on transformation, or desiring optimal performance, AmpCoil will deliver. It restores bioterrain by oxygenating cells and more.

Benefits of Choosing AmpCoil Include…

  • Comfortable– Home use. Less driving.
  • Cost Savings– Cut back on other health care spending.
  • Effective– Penetrates into the cells and crosses the blood-brain barrier.
  • Peaceful– Silent vibration with no noise and only pure silent tones.
  • Customized– Guides you to the tones your body is asking for to cleanse microbes, metals and toxins or tune organs.
  • Biofeedback Voice Analysis– Brings you education and clarity so you can move forward.
  • Restorative– Nutrition and organ support for rejuvenation.
  • Prioritizes– Tones that your body is asking for are listed in order of priority.
  • Noninvasive– No skin puncture or harmful radiation.
  • Reduce Stress– On a cellular and organ level the body relaxes.
  • Deep Penetration– Hollow organs are reached, which are inaccessible using many other devices.
  • Wide Range of Use– From sports injuries to headaches and toxicity to lowering stress.
  • For Everyone– Family members of all ages – customized for unique family member needs.
  • Tesla technology– Modified Tesla coil PEMF delivery
  • Herxheimer Support– Programs are designed to minimize uncomfortable cleansing reactions.
  • User-friendly– Easy learning curve. No prior knowledge necessary.
  • Portable– Carry-on size for travel.

Studies Show Biofeedback Effectiveness For…

  • Stress Reduction
  • Discomfort Relief
  • Positive Behavior
  • Mental Focus
  • Sleep
  • Cognitive Improvements
  • Neuromuscular Re-education

Studies Show PEMF Effectiveness For…

  • Antioxidant Stimulation
  • Nutritional Uptake
  • Microcirculation
  • Cellular Energy Improvement
  • ATP Production
  • Cellular Oxygenation
  • Sports Recovery Time
  • Cleansing and Detoxification


“Physicists use the word entrainment to describe a situation in which two rhythms that have nearly the same frequency become coupled to each other so that both end up with the same frequency.”

— Bryant A. Meyers, PEMF The 5th Element of Health 2014

An analogy that we use to explain how the AmpCoil can tune and tone the organs and balance nutrition is that of two tuning forks. When you strike a tuning fork near another fork, the two will vibrate in unison through a process called entrainment. If you have an organ that is not vibrating at its optimal level, the resonant frequencies for that sluggish organ can be delivered through the modified Tesla coil (acting as the tuning fork) and the organ will synchronize with it on a cellular level.


The All-In-One Solution

Originally developed as a wellness tool to help Lyme disease suffers, today AmpCoil can help neutralize microbes, metals and toxins, which can cause of autoimmune conditions and many of society’s health problems.

The AmpCoil was designed with the following features in mind: more power, more precision, more results – and all in less time and with fewer costs. It is an all-in-one solution for a self-administered, home-use device that offers natural care, empowering people to be stewards of their own health and to create wellness within their family and community.

Since the introduction of PEMF and other bio-energetic devices, technology has made significant advancements. AmpCoil has merged several of these scientifically proven technologies, creating a precise, yet high-powered PEMF for the delivery of customized vibrational tones into the body. The result is a simple, yet effective device that can be used in the home and be learned in less than an hour.


Five Proven Technologies, Merged and Refined

AmpCoil is modern sound technology, which uses PEMF and introduces a voice analysis biofeedback app, called BetterGuide. BetterGuide then utilizes its extensive mathematical algorithms to play back personalized vibrational tones that your body is asking for, emitting them deeply into the cells of the body using a safe PEMF delivery process that includes a modified Tesla Coil and an amplifier. Acting similarly to a high-powered tuning fork for your body, the coil delivers harmonics for organs, nutrition, and emotions so they can regain their ideal resonant frequency. The result when you use the Cleansing Journeys is that the fungus, bacteria, virus, spirochetes, parasites, and other microbes in the body become neutralized, much like when the opera singer sings the resonant frequency of the wine glass and it shatters. By addressing the root causes of bio-energetic imbalance, all while minimizing detox reactions, the human biology quickly begins to return to the balanced state that nature intended.

  • Bioresonance – built-in tone generator programmed with Rife, Hulda Clark, and proprietary frequency sets called Journeys related to organs, nutrition, microbes, metals, toxins and more.
  • Biofeedback – includes voice analysis via BetterGuide app for precise identification of recommended wellness journeys vs trial and error approach.
  • Tesla – Modified Tesla coil used as a resonant transformer to transmit pulsed waves of electromagnetic vibrational tones, enveloping the body while able to focus on a target area.
  • PEMF – Pulsed electromagnetic field delivery system through a modified Tesla Coil for intracellular penetration vs electrical systems, which stop at bones, muscles, and nerves.
  • Sound – high-quality amplifier for a powerful sonic transmission

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