I feel like a child who has discovered chocolate for the very first time. Perhaps because I have! This past month, aside from my high raw diet, I experimented with medicinal green juice and 85% or greater dark chocolate. What a therapeutic combination. I am not your typical chocolate junkie and I cannot quite describe what came over me but I am so glad it did because I came across the king of all chocolate, ARUNA Chocolates.

Unprocessed, 90-95% dark chocolate mixed with raw honey, maca, spirulina, chlorella, cayenne, himalayan sea salt and 100% pure LOVE is a whole new type of chocolate in my book than anything I’ve ever tasted store bought. The comparison is night and day and so is the feeling. Throughout the month as I binged on my daily green juice, fresh spring water, over 2 pounds of ARUNA chocolate, raw food, Body Pump and ALA (amongst several other supplements), I feel fit, toned and happy.

I strongly advise you to indulge yourself and give ARUNA chocolates a try but be careful because once you do, you might never go back to anything store bought. Good thing he has a monthly auto-ship program… dangerous 😉

During the last day of the Raw Food Institute, our guest speaker Ronnie Landis, showed us a brilliant picture of a raw, organic cacao nib taken via Kirlian photography and it all came full circle. It is pleasing to have a visual on what it means to be classified as a ‘superfood.’
According to energymedc.com, “Kirlian photographic analysis combines high voltage, high frequency, ultra low current, electrical fields and photographic techniques to make visible subtle energy fields interacting around living and non-living objects of study. These techniques utilize 50,000 volts and a broad range of frequencies to resonate with the test objects, capturing their patterns for analysis. In traveling through and reacting with our complex systems, this influx of electrical energy amplifies and makes visible the body’s biological and energetic exchange. The camera and the subject interact to produce a corona of multi-frequency energy waves, from low infrared to well past the visible spectrum.”

  Look at the difference between a Kirlian photo of a raw, organic food and a Kirlian photo of a cooked food, it is dramatic!

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