Ritual: a sacred ceremony to connect with consciousness through intention and action.

Who doesn’t need pampering? Or a bath ritual? Weekends are just that for me- some time to pamper and prepare myself for the week ahead. A time to do my grocery shopping, meditate, and cleanse. When I lived in London, I truly came to understand how drinking tea and taking baths were a Londoner’s true religion.  However, no one prepares a bath better than my husband and taking baths has become a true pampering ritual for us.

Water has many healing properties. For centuries it has been used to cleanse spaces, people, and spirits. Nothing washes away negative energy better than a shower or a bath. Hard day at work? Take a bath? Stressful time in life? Take a bath. Taking a bath is a solution to many issues. Add some salts to it and you have a true cleansing!

This week I indulged into a beautiful bath fit for a queen. I filled the tub with warm to hot water and finally used my Kiko Technology device I’ve been waiting to test out. Kiko Technology™ was founded on the basis that the water we use in our daily life simply does not vibrate as fast as it once did over the past 60 years. The carriers for the Kiko Technology™ are natural but charged, volcanic feldspar stones, formulated to restore the natural harmonics of water.  Do check them out, their technology is fascinating.

I added a cup of seaweed bath salts, two large cups of Epsom salt Magnesium Sulfate flakes, three drops of doTerra’s Forgiveness, two drops of Peace, a couple drops of Patchouli, Serenity and Geranium. Lastly, I topped it off with a dozen yellow rose petals.

I lite my Diptyque candle and turned on my soothing and healing Indian and Native American flutes music, Healing Flute Chakras. I used Palo Santo and Sage wrapped in rose petals (my all time go to’s when I need to cleanse myself or my space) to cleanse my bath and space, setting my intention, “To let go of that which no longer serves me.” We are energetic beings- each of us is an energetic vortex that interacts with other energies each day. If those closest to us aren’t feeling well, or you run into someone in a bad mood, we are sensitive creatures and we pick up everything. At the end of each day, especially when you work in the healing profession, it is important to cleanse yourself of all that is not yours. A good energy cleansing ritual is important to incorporate into your daily living.

Lastly, I mixed apple cider vinegar with Indian Healing clay and made myself a mask to draw out skin impurities and applied a thick layer on my face and sunk into my delicious bath.

I poured myself a cup of Tulsi Sweet Rose tea and I drifted into heaven. Remembering the divine within, allowing myself a moment to pause, to look out the window into the forest, to let out a sigh for the week that was, to cleanse myself from all the energies I encountered, and I welcomed the new week to come in a loving and nurturing way.


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