The New Exhausted Docu-Series Is Out and You Have To Watch It!

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, 2020 has been one hell of a ride for everyone! If you are feeling exhausted, you are definitely not alone!

We are super excited about the Exhausted Docu-Series that came out! This Exhausted Series is a 9-part documentary film by Whole.TV’s Dr. Pedram Shojai and Nick Polizzi that features the best health experts sharing how to regain, restore and replenish endless energy naturally. The documentary series explores why so many people feel fat, foggy, and fatigued. The docu-series also explores options for people who want to restore and replenish their youthful energy.

From experts like Ben Greenfield, David Perlmutter, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Robyn Benso  and Dr. Tom O Bryan to name a few, to our very own Dr. Isabel Sharkar! Indigo Health Clinic is no stranger to exhaustion and we know how to overcome it!

Each episode of Exhausted explores a different aspect of tiredness. The goal is to identify the reason you feel tired – and then explore how to solve that issue.

Below is a breakdown of all the episodes and what to expect.

Episode 1: Why Am I Exhausted?

This episode explores why there’s an “epidemic of fatigue and exhaustion” in our society. It explores 10 ways you may be unknowingly depleting your energy reserves, including common habits most people do every day. It also explains how the body recharges itself and how hormones influence energy.

Episode 2: Food As Energy

This episode explores what happens in the body when we eat too much sugar and processed food. Most people know these foods are bad, but few people understand how it actually impacts the body. The episode also covers foods that flush out toxins, defend against chronic disease, and create a surge in energy levels.

Episode 3: Energy Thieves: How Your Energy Is Being Stolen From You

This episode explores “hidden energy thieves”, including common items in your home that could be reducing your energy. The episode suggests that certain electronic devices can impact energy, for example. By sleeping in a room away from wireless routers, phones, computers, and other wireless devices, you may be able to boost your energy. The episode also features fatigue-beating stories from Mark Hyman, Cassie Bjork, Joe Cohen, and others.

Episode 4: Autopilot Energy: Banish Frustrating Fatigue – For Good!

In Episode 4, the team explores how to enjoy more energy, a deeper sleep, better self-esteem, and stronger resilience, among other benefits.

Episode 5: Zapped to Zestful: How Rebalancing Our Hormones Can Restore Youthful Energy, Vigor, and Alertness

Episode 5 explains how to rebalance your hormones to lower stress and drop excess fat. It explains how certain glands and organs impact hormone levels. It also explores how stress impacts anxiety and fatigue, and that your body’s built-in “fight or flight” response could impact your health.

Episode 6: Gut Instinct: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Endless Energy

Could digestion be the solution to fatigue? In this episode, the team explores the role probiotics play on your energy levels. The team explores 3 warning signs you have an unhealthy gut microbiome, a discovery that could dissolve food in your gut in seconds, and one simple trick to rebalance your gut microbes, among other strategies.

Episode 7: Suck It Up: The Human Vacuum Dictating Our Energy Levels

This episode discusses why you should never eat these foods if you want all-day energy. It also explores how the liver fuels energy levels, what to eat to keep your liver in prime condition, and the worst time to eat if you want your body to burn fat, among other topics.

Episode 8: Exercise = Explosive Energy

Episode 8 explains how exercising can boost energy levels, including how exercise produces a body chemical that maximizes energy. While many home workouts will be covered, it also talks about Qi Gong, “the medicine of tranquility”, which is used by ancient Chinese medicine practitioners to encourage healing.

Episode 9: Test, Boost, and Overcome

In the ninth and final episode, the team explains how to take a test to discover what’s making you tired all the time. They also discuss natural at home remedies that can sustain endurance and soothe stress.

Feeling Exhausted? We have you covered.

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