Walking the Indigo Path

The Indigo Path treats the root cause of your symptoms. It’s one thing to treat symptoms, it’s another thing to have vibrant thriving health. From years of practice and thousands of clients treated, it is our experience that those who commit to getting well do so. The first step to healing and experiencing thriving vibrant health is commitment. As your health practitioners are committed to your getting well and walking the path with you, you too have to be committed to getting well.


Commitment often comes with a lot of responsibilities. It means doing what you say you will do and being in integrity especially when things get tough. The road to wellness can have many side turns and roadblocks because healing happens on more than just the physical level. For healing to take place you have to face all of you- including the bits you’d hoped you stick in a box under your bed for no one to see.


As naturopathic practitioners we view healing as multidimensional – mind, body and soul. You also have other bodies that affect healing aside from the physical third dimensional body like the energetic, mental, intuitive and spirit bodies. Having awareness of this allows clients to obtain better results. The ego does not like change and it will pull every trick in the book to keep you in a place of comfort. After all, it knows you better than you know yourself. This is where we experience patients self-sabotage themselves and come up with all sorts of excuses for why healing cannot take place.


Knowing and bringing awareness to this, will allow you to step outside of your box and just observe yourself. Self-awareness, observation and introspection are apart of healing. When you commit to walking the Indigo Path, we walk the path with you- we are your accountability partners. We help to support your alignment to what you truly want – vibrant thriving health.


So, what is the Indigo Path?

The Indigo Path is split into three stages: Foundation, Lifestyle and Embodiment. It is very likely that by the time our clients find us they have seen many doctors, tried many things and very little has helped them. They are frustrated, in pain; they don’t have energy and are sick and tired of feeling terrible. The Foundation is where we help our clients out of this crisis mode and into a more peaceful and steadier place. Laying a strong foundation and empowering each client with the right tools they need for their body to heal is potent. During the Foundation our practitioners get to know and understand you and create a powerful plan you can take action on.


When a person is in crisis mode the last thing he or she can think about is stress reduction, working out, practicing deep breathing and meditating. These are the things we cover in our Lifestyle Consultations. Once you are out of crisis mode and have completed the Lifestyle Consultations, you get to move onto the fun out of this world, mind altering, eye-opening experiences. In Embodiment our practitioners curate a platform of exploration for you to experience yourself at the deepest level and explore your greater purpose in life, how you can serve the greater whole, and how you can show up in the world as the powerful creator that you are.


Who qualifies for the Indigo Path?

All patients are unique and there is no one-treatment plan that works for everyone. If you find yourself in crisis mode, suffering from symptoms that you still can’t find solutions to and are looking for a diagnosis, the Indigo Path is for you. People suffering from thyroid conditions, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep problems, weight gain, menstrual irregularities, undiagnosed Lyme disease or other undiagnosed chronic diseases, pain, libido changes, dermatitis and digestion issues all would benefit from the Indigo Path. We will help you get to the bottom of your health concerns and find solutions that are right for you.


If you are ready to step into your highest potential and be the best version of yourself, walk the Indigo Path. Learn more about the details of the Indigo Path. Reach out to us at Indigo Integrative Health Clinic, your partners in health.


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