Every day we are receiving more information about COVID-19 and we understand that there is so much information to navigate. Truth seekers are seeking truth in their quest for answers on what is really happening and the news are unsettling. During hardships, where do we turn? There is only one true answer – inwards. Use this time to get ahead by focusing on your internal environment – building a better mind, a stronger and healthier body, and a deeper connection to your higher self and Source. Leaning into uncertainty is no small feat. And now it is required from all of us in order to navigate these waters.

Times have changed. Things will never be the same. We know this. It’s time for a new global chapter, one that is better for all involved, including Earth. As we step into this new chapter, let’s come back renewed. Let’s dive deep into the cervices of our being and find out what we are truly made of; let’s get into alignment with how we want to really show up. Who have you been showing up as? Who do you want to show up as? Now is the time to recreate yourself.

Earth is asking us to step up in a bigger, bolder, more aligned way. She is asking us to find comfort in her nurturing ways, connecting to her deeply. Our guides are asking us to step into our Super Human and lean into fear, resistance and uncertainty. This is a reality check for all of us. An opportunity for full alignment by facing hard truths.

Focus on mental and physical resilience. Focus on building a strong immune system. Focus on your health and your alignment to spirit.

As you lean into this pivotal life-changing moment in time – use Indigo’s Guide to COVID-19 to fully align.

We love you and we are here for you.


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