“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye, ” said Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s book, The Little Prince. The heart has its own intelligence, its own mind, and holds cellular memory. It is a conscious organ with its own endocrine system and nervous system. Our heart is the strongest electrical and magnetic field generator in the body. It creates 60 times the electrical fields and 5000 times the magnetic fields than that of the brain. The heart is constantly interacting with our physical world, which also functions off electromagnetic fields.

Emotions in our heart are more powerful than thoughts in our mind. When emotions and thoughts marry, they create feelings. Feelings directly affect our heart rhythm pattern. When we experience feelings that deplete us like anger, resentment, stress, anxiety, sadness and depression, the heart falls out of harmony. Positive emotions such as love, gratitude, appreciation, joy and forgiveness, create smooth, harmonious and coherent heart rhythm patterns. We achieve coherence between our heart and brain when our emotions and thoughts are balanced through the power of our heart.

According to HeartMath, more coherent heart rhythms lead to higher intelligence and improve focus, creativity, intuition and higher-level decision-making. The heart permeates every cell of our body, binding the cells together and allowing them to work in a harmonious fashion. The electromagnetic waves produced by the heart transmit information into the external environment, interacting and resonating with others, influencing what happens in our world around us. This field extends 3 to 4 feet outside of the body in a torus like shape. By creating the feeling in our heart as if the outcome we desire has already happened, the field around us recognizes and expresses it in the reality outside of us. Gratitude and appreciation, with a conviction behind the belief, create the optimal feeling and coherence between the heart and the brain.

Whenever you experience a negative feeling, use the following quick coherence technique. Start with your eyes closed and shift all of your attention from the thoughts in your head to the area of your heart. Focus on your breath by inhaling and exhaling through your heart. Maintaining your heart focus, continue heart focus breathing and emit a positive emotion by feeling gratitude and appreciation for all the good things in your life. Feel the love you have in your heart and focus on holding that space.

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