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Super Human Earth wants to help you find harmony within.

Founder Dr. Isabel Sharkar knew early that traditional Western medicine was too inflexible to suit her creative impulses and, ultimately, pursued naturopathic medicine instead. At the same time, her eventual co-founder, Greg Kheel, struggled similarly with the mechanical engineering he was studying. He left that behind to travel the globe, first as a model and then as a conscious journeyman and wellness networker, looking to connect himself and others with nature at its core.

When the two searchers met and discovered their shared passion for self-sustainability and encouraging people to realize their own healing potential, they knew they were on the brink of something amazing. Ultimately, they launched Super Human Earth (or SHE), a conscious collective and curated platform integrating the best of holistic wisdom and innovative technology. Their first book comes out this year.

Here, the partners behind this growing concept explain why the greatest super powers—for self-healing the mind, body and soul—exist inside each of us:

Live The Process: Did you each respectively have an interest in healing, sustainability or innovation in your early lives?

Dr. Isabel Sharkar: My mom has been involved in medicine my whole life, so becoming a doctor was a path carved out for me. I didn’t even think twice about my biology major during university. Simultaneously, I’ve always been a truth-seeker and have loved art and fashion. There were often times where I felt split between medicine and my creative passions. It wasn’t until later, after graduating from naturopathic medical school, when I realized that I could merge all of my passions. Conventional medicine wasn’t for me; it was too cookie cutter and one-size-fits-all. I loved nature and, when I learned about naturopathic medicine, I knew this was the field to explore, merging the mind, body and soul.

Naturopathic medical school was the biggest eye-opener. The curtain was lifted and the truth was revealed. And the changes to my health were quick and are ever-evolving. I was born in Bulgaria and my great-grandfather had a farm. I remember that the meat we ate was from animals we raised ourselves. Our fruits and vegetables were from our farm. When we moved to the U.S., I grew up on the standard American diet—eating all the processed food you can imagine, believing it was the normal thing to do. In hindsight, none of it felt natural. I wasn’t raised to incorporate regular exercise into my life, so that was something I had to learn. 

Watching people’s confusion around health, lack of education and the rise in cancer and chronic disease all inspired me to write upcoming book, Activating Your Super Human, the Keys to Optimizing Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being. It is important to share what I’ve learned with others because they have the right to know the real keys to health and well-being.

Greg Kheel: Growing up gardening and spending a plethora of time in nature, I’ve always had a strong connection to earth. I was raised with strong values in terms of growing your own food and connecting with plants. Of course, I didn’t appreciate this until later years, when I moved into big cities and understood the value of growing your own food and being in nature. As years passed and I spent more time in big cities, this calling (returning to nature) began seeding inside my consciousness.

I always had a strong connection to technology and design that led me to study mechanical engineering in university. After three years in that program, I began feeling disconnected from what I was learning about how technology works and how we are conventionally taught to calculate energy, fluids and motion. When I questioned these issues with my professors, they gave responses that I intuitively knew were off.

This is when I began pursuing modeling in hopes of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. After two years of living in the concrete jungle that is New York City, the calling of nature became so strong that I had to answer. I moved to Bali, Indonesia and began working with a nonprofit focused on creating sustainable communities and retreats. Here, I learned the answers to many of the questions my university professors were unable to give me. Through research and newfound connections, I began to truly understand the way water, energy and motion move through nature and became familiar with the thought leaders on the subjects, especially Viktor Schauberger. His work gave me a divine understanding of the way nature works, which resonated. I realized the importance of sustainable energy intertwining with conscious design in nature. Also, while working with this organization for sustainable communities I became the global networking director and built a vast global network in sustainability, healing and innovation.

Living in Bali and traveling to other conscious tourism destinations around the world, I gained insight into how healing and health are viewed by different ancient traditions. I came to the conclusion that many things can be healed or cured; it’s all about bringing the mind, body and soul triad to a state of ease, removing the disease.

LTP: What is Super Human Earth? How and when did you co-found it?

DIS: Super Human Earth (or SHE) is a conscious collective, bringing in the best of holistic wisdom and innovative technology. We are creating a platform to empower individuals to take their lives and health back into their own hands. Through restructuring the mind, body and soul triad, people are able to reprogram, rebuild and enrich their lives, bringing themselves back into a state of harmony and enabling the body to reform its innate ability to heal itself. 

SHE was founded early 2013 and, when Greg and I met, we joined forces. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to some great experiences. In 2016, we gave a talk at Obonjon, Croatia, a wellness and music retreat. There, we introduced SHE and what it stands for, while touching on subtle energies to heal the body through ones own touch. We’re currently writing a book, Activating Your Super Human, the Keys to Optimizing Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being, for release in 2017Ultimately, we’re creating a platform where people—whatever level they are at— are able to create their own user experience and activate healing within themselves to step into their full potential. We’re allowing a collaborative space where people are able to share ideas and innovations to create a better world.

We also have a few upcoming collaborations: SHE is working with Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C., formulating a Body Optimization program. We are also collaborating with Sönd skincare, educating their clients about detoxing and beauty from the inside out.

LTP: How do you—as Super Human Earth—hope to help people through innovation?

DISThrough innovation, we are able to demonstrate how to live self-sustainably in an eco-luxe way by being more efficient without disconnecting from the simple luxuries of life. The future for SHE is to create a healing oasis for people to visit and fully activate the Super Human within. From how to deal with waste, efficient energy and water devices to what to eat, how to detox and what functional labs are best for optimizing the body, we have access to a lot of brilliant scientists and inventions that are cutting-edge and are leading the self-sustainability and healing sectors.

The future of SHE is also to be incorporated in school systems for young children, which is the best time to activate your Super Human and implement important behavioral patterns that are geared towards optimal health.

LTP: What are your respective current wellness obsessions?

DIS: I am obsessed with my powerful Miracle Mornings and the 5-Minute Journal app. Waking up in gratitude is a game changer for me. I start my day with two cups of hot water with fresh lemon, ginger and cinnamon. I love Sönd silica skincare products (silica is the best kept beauty secret) and MOA Aphrodite face oil—it’s divine. I have regular intravenous IV infusions, especially when I travel or need a pick-me-up. To stay fit, I rely one’s BBG2 Fitness Guide and jumping rope with ankle weights. I love my essential oils, wearing natural fibers like cashmere and alpaca and listening to Deya Dova.

GK: I am currently infatuated with Qi Gong. After a year of 1-1 training, I have developed a beautiful practice that incorporates physical/internal exercises, meditation and self body massage. This is a practice I am fine-tuning and intending to teach and share in the years to come. As my master says, “You don’t need medicine; Qi Gong is the medicine.” It is understandably difficult for most people in the modern world to make time. Ideally you would do several hours of practice daily, so it is an art form fitting it into modern day life.

Food wise, I am loving bone broth this time of year. It’s one of the most nutrient dense, healing and rebuilding foods I’ve found.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

DIS: Happiness is waking up in a beautiful house that I love, eating healthy organic food that nourishes my soul, working out and investing in myself and doing what I love with passion and enthusiasm about adding value to others. It means having the freedom to travel, being in nature, being with friends, listening to beautiful music and creating art.

GK: Waking up early, feeling rested, going outside, closing my eyes, breathing in nature and beginning my Qi Gong practice for several hours before starting my day. Scratch this. Happiness looks like a tree moving in the wind, while the sun shines on its leaves.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

DIS: To master yourself is to “Live The Process.” Living a healthy optimal life, reprogramming your mind, manifesting your dreams, evolving your soul, letting go and being in divine flow.

GK: To “Live The Process,” one must walk his or her own path while being fully present to the bends and turns ahead, slowly going over the bumps and not looking back. Being in the moment. I feel we all need to fully live our life purpose, whatever that might be. That doesn’t mean beating yourself up if you don’t know what your purpose is—I’m sure most of us have been there, done that—but being present with the process. Listen to your intuition and don’t be scared when it’s time to move on from something or venture into the unknown. Be excited, be healthy and enjoy living the process!


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