What does it mean to be a millennial today? Millennials are the future, just like children are the future. A new wave of energy here to see through all the façade. Millennials understand what it means to walk the walk and talk the talk and that actions do speak louder than words. Anyone who is not walking the walk won’t appeal to a millennial. Why should we all care?

“Millennials represent 23% of the new millionaires in the world.” – Forbes

Which allows us all to question, “Where can I become more aligned and bridge the gap between who I think I am versus who I want to be?” Busy or not, we have to make time to ask this very important question. Otherwise we risk becoming outdated. The people we are, the companies we create, the ethos we hold – all these things are aligned with this critical question. And if millennials are the future, what we build is ultimately for them, so there must be alignment.

That being said, what’s the most important thing for a millennial to know?

  • Get a mentor you look up to and trust.
  • You aren’t going to have it all figured out any time soon, and that’s ok.
  • There is a bigger picture and you are a part of it, no matter what anyone tells you.
  • Surround yourself with people who are aligned with who you are and who you want to become.
  • You have to transform and improve your mindset.
  • Understand that your parents don’t have it all figured out either, they are not perfect and it’s okay. We are all human, here to learn. Don’t blame your parents, instead be compassionate and figure things out on your own.
  • You are not your parents. You are your own being.
  • Your confidence is great, but you won’t truly know how confident you are until you’ve had your share of difficult real-life experiences, so stay modest.
  • Learn from the mistakes of older people so you don’t have to repeat them.
  • Don’t judge others, you’ve never walked a mile in their shoes, you don’t know their struggles, and everyone has them.
  • Don’t judge yourself, you will never be perfect. Perfection is an illusion, it’s not real. No one is perfect. You will never be perfect.
  • Stay in joy and have fun! Laugh every day.
  • Define your values. Learn what it means to be honest, loyal and in integrity.
  • The most important thing you have is your health, what does it mean to be healthy like a Super Human? You are going to witness a lot of dis-ease around you, our world is more toxic than it was and keeping to a healthy regime is mandatory. You are not invincible and what you do now while you are young will have consequences later.
  • Trust in the process, trust in something greater than you, and don’t get caught up in society’s mentality, think for yourself.
  • Question what you know – why you know it, where you learned it, how can you prove it is true, etc. Don’t believe everything you hear, see and are taught.
  • Your purpose in life isn’t to get rich, your purpose in life is to help earth while doing what you love and then being well compensated for it, how are you doing that? How are you contributing to making the world a better place?
  • Never impose your beliefs on others, we are all free spirits.
  • You create your reality and your thoughts become things. You are not a victim. Take ownership of how reality is occurring to you.
  • Don’t think you will get “there” overnight. First of all there is no “there” to get to, life is about enjoying the process. Happiness is in the journey. Remember, it takes eight years to become an overnight success.
  • Everyone has to do the work, especially on themselves. Work smarter not harder. Don’t be lazy. Things won’t just happen by wishing for them, you have to do the work. Every day, you have to show up.

These are things that have been passed down from many mentors across the world. Hope your journey is wild, untamed, authentic and beautiful.

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