Sensitive skin needs that added special care. In the previous two videos, we talked about the importance of cleansing our body, and the benefits a detox can have on sensitive skin and overall health. Our third and final video from the Detox series focuses on HOW to do a detox and the correct ways of going about it.

If you are interested in starting a detox it’s important to consult a qualified medical practitioner, because the level of your initial toxicity and any underlying current or chronic medical conditions can impact the detox process. It is also important to start slow, rather than going “cold turkey”. It is important to listen to your body. Doing too much too soon can be counterproductive. Pick a few things that you can incorporate in your lifestyle now, and stick to them, slowly adding other aspects as you go along.

Don’t forget – detox is a lifestyle change! It won’t all happen at once overnight, but instead it’s something you build into your life through habits and taking it once step at a time.

Find out more about how to proceed with a detox, which foods to eliminate from your diet, and what to expect throughout the process in our video with Dr. Isabel Sharkar.


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