The truth is water is life, so let’s take a deep dive into water! Your body is made up of largely water and the quality of water you drink allows your body to absorb it better. For optimal health, the average person should be drinking roughly two liters of water a day, or half your body weight in ounces.

Perhaps you’ve even heard of the saying, “You’re not hungry, you’re thirsty.” This saying is always repeating in my head if I ever feel like I am leaning towards over-eating. When your body is fully hydrated, you won’t crave as much food.


Dehydration is very common among adults. When you are dehydrated, you are holding onto toxins, which become concentrated in the cells. Further, dehydration causes the body to become acidic, which is the perfect breeding ground for dis-ease. Water is life and dehydration can lead to chronic dis-ease.

In his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: A Revolutionary Natural Way to Prevent Illness and Restore Good Health, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj discusses the breakthrough medical discovery. If we drank more water daily, degenerative diseases such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and Alzheimer disease to name a few, could be prevented, if not cured. I wonder how many diseases in our nation could be prevented by proper hydration.


One of our heroes, Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian forest caretaker and naturalist biomimicry experimenter, who in the 1930’s observed how the minerals in spring water positively affected people, plants and all life that drank it. Schauberger predicted that later in the century cancer would become rampant as the availability of proper spring water decreased and the plants we farmed became mineral deficient when watered with mineral deficient water. Schauberger studied the transportation of water through pipes and discovered that once the water was transported in concrete and iron pipes, the town would get a much higher rate of dis-ease.

For many of us, tap water may not be the healthiest option, unless you live in Iceland, where tap is pure spring water. Almost every municipality in the U.S. chlorinates and/or fluoridates, and that’s before you consider the hormones, including estrogen, and the dozens of pharmaceutical drugs that are not efficiently filtered from our water systems. Curious to see what is in your tap water? Check out this EWG link about the tap water in our zip code 20007. Enter your zip code and see what’s lurking in your tap water.


For all our water geeks that want to geek out on water, you’ll love The Ultra Imploder. It’s a vortex magnetic water treatment device that produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle made from stainless steel. The principals of spinning water into a vortex for the purpose of structuring water are well known, Fractal Water uses a directional nozzle to create a water vortex in perfect Golden Ratio symmetry. We’ve been using our Ultra Imploder device to grow plants over the last decade. If you want your crops to blossom, this is a must have. If you want to dive deeper into the many phases of water, we recommend Dr. Gerald Pollack’s book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor


Get familiar with and read the reviews of local springs near you. Find your own natural spring water source. If you want to test the water yourself, do it and post it on the website to share with others. Me and my family make it a ritual to get fresh water. You can make it a family event, by showing your kids that drinking natural spring water is a priority and connecting them to the Earth. We fill up thirteen 19-L (5 gallon) BPA free jugs once a month and use a ceramic water dispenser.

Get a filter that works. We partnered up with Hydroviv and have been using their sink and shower filters for the last five years. We like Hydroviv because they understand that tap water across the country is different and the founder, Dr. Roy, has built a team of experts dedicated to solving water quality issues.

Switch to glass water bottles. My favorite water bottle company that keeps me drinking lots of water is BKR. Colorful and sleek, check them out!

To get yourself to drink 2-3 liters of water a day, get creative! Chop up some lemons, or add fresh fruit like a few organic strawberries or raspberries, throw in some fresh mint and you’ve got some real natural flavored water. Continue refilling your cup until your liter is done and repeat! Yes you may have a couple extra visits to the restroom but you’ll feel better too!

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